Selasa, 30 April 2013

Free Speech

Free Speech Mark.

When I first started blogging back in 2005 I had no idea what I'd really do with it? For the most part it seems like a natural online opportunity to exercise your "First Amendment" rights. Everyone has an opinion and blogging gave everyone an easy way to share that opinion with others.

And that is exactly what I use my blog for. I share my artwork, experiences (Both good and bad), fun and informative information, commentary and rants. Even though a blog can be very cathartic in a way, it can still serve a practical purpose for others to glean from and that is what I enjoy the most.

I don't often get into politics, frankly speaking I'm annoyed by almost every politician regardless of what side of the political fence they come from. One of my favorite sayings regarding politics is this:

Poly: Many Ticks: Blood Suckers

A friend of mine here in Portland Oregon has both a local talk radio show and a national talk radio show. His name is Lars Larson and he asked me to create some graphics to promote Free Speech and help get the word out regarding the new efforts on The Fairness Doctrine to restrict Free Speech on talk radio.

Topical Badge Graphics.

When I was given the saying "Don't Touch My Dial" I couldn't help but remember the funny scene from the movie Rush Hour where Lee (Jackie Chan) changes Carters (Chris Tucker) radio. OK, back to the regularly scheduled blog post.

I think Free Speech is arguably the most important aspect of freedom we have in this country and I've never understood how something like The Fairness Doctrine can even co-exist with it?

I don't want some Mulla like "Localism Council" telling me what I can and cannot listen to on the radio or worse, telling me I need to let someone else post on my blog so as to be more balanced. Maybe some like that approach to life, but I don't so I was happy to help with the graphics.

One of several promotional banner ads I created.

I created a media kit for the "Don't Touch My Dial" campaign to help them get the word out. (Not responsible for their web site design however)

Free Speech T-Shirts.

Free Speech Products-O-Plenty!
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- Buttons
- Coffee Mug

What ever your political views be it Repugnican or Democrap I think we can all agree that Free Speech is worth protecting. But I'm sure you'll exercise yours in my comments if you disagree. ;-P

Thumbnails from my project folder.

I thumbnail sketch ideas with what ever I have when I get inspired, hence red pens, pencils, vellum, and regular paper.

PS: Since I'm posting on the topic of "Free Speech" I thought it would be appropriate to share with you one of my favorite podcasts called "Future Quake." (Yeah I know their site is ugly but the content is excellent) Recently they interviewed Judge Andrew P. Napolitano and the information was nothing short of incredible. Listen to the interview here.

Adriana Lima Photos and Wallpapers

Adriana Lima Hot Wallpapers, Pictures and Photos

Adriana Lima Hot Wallpapers, Pictures and Photos

Adriana Lima Hot Wallpapers, Pictures and Photos

Adriana Lima Hot Wallpapers, Pictures and Photos
Adriana Lima Hot Wallpapers, Pictures and Photos

Sabtu, 27 April 2013

Stopping Copyright Infringement

My Original Artwork.

They say things come in threes and that has proven true regarding recent copyright infringement regarding my artwork. Anyone who reads my blog is aware that my hawk mascot art was ripped off and sold online.

When ever I post about things like this on my blog it gets shared with other designer. Designers by nature are visual thinkers for the most part and we remember what we've seen. One person who read my blog sent me an email which has revealed another infringement using my hawk art. (If you are counting that is infringement number two)

But this new matter is far too complicated for me to handle via my own infringement letter and I have turned it over to my copyright attorney to consult on and I'll follow his lead.

Well on Saturday I was made aware of another infringement regarding my bat art. (See they come in threes) virtual rip.

I was able to follow DMCA protocol and send the infringing web site my infringement letter and they have pulled down the art that one of their users were selling.

It's bad enough people rip my art in the real world, but now they are ripping it and selling it to virtual clients too? (Anyone who is familiar with please feel free to comment)

My infringement letter post shows how to write to a web site or individual that has infringed upon your copyrighted work online. And below is the type of standard issue reply you'll get back once a site like has acted upon it. It's cold, calculated and as you can see allows them to hide behind the DMCA.

Modus Operandi Response From Infringers


In compliance with the IMVU policy relating to claims of copyright or trademark infringement, which is meant to adopt and implement the procedures specified under the DMCA and US copyright law, IMVU has taken the following actions regarding your complaint:

1) The offending items have been placed on DMCA hold and we have disabled access to or removed them from the IMVU catalog.
2) Notified the person who created and/or posted the offending items.

For more information on IMVU’s DMCA/Trademark policies, or for instructions on reporting future violations, please visit our DMCA page.

Terms of Service.

Please note that this is our ordinary response upon receipt of a formal DMCA takedown notice, in compliance with the DMCA and our policy.  We express no view with regard to the merits of your claim(s) of infringement or with regard to any other matters you may have communicated to us.  We reserve all rights and defenses.

Kind Regards,
Persons Name

Persons Name
IMVU, Inc.
fax:  (650) 618-2561

In Closing

All the above transpired over a two day period. I discovered the infringement Saturday. Sent off a my infringement letter the same day. And on Monday I got the response shown above and the matter was resolved.

Now this doesn't always happen this smoothly. And if a copyright infringer insists on being a weasel you might need to get a lawyer involved. But most reasonable people will admit the transgression and align with DMCA protocol.

View Copyright Infringement Letter.

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Jumat, 26 April 2013

I'm trying to decide which mini logo to put on the blog backgrounds and I thought who better to ask than the people that use our backgrounds. So the options are as follows:



D. None of the above.

Kamis, 25 April 2013

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