Selasa, 18 Agustus 2015

Sneak Peek!

Crumble . Crackle . Burn
by Von Glitschka

Crumble Crackle Burn portrays the aesthetic beauty of an art book but the functionality of a valuable tool that professional designers and illustrators will use again and again. It features 60 photographic textures of natural, real-world surfaces along with corresponding examples of how they can be artistically applied in design and illustration projects. The companion DVD contains all 60 high-resolution texture images in 3 formats that are ready for professional use. Also included on the DVD are additonal bonus textures bringing the total to over 120.

Compiled by a professional for professionals, these organic textures are timeless in application and will quickly become a favorite resource that will spark the imagination, inspire creativity and infuse your art with an authentic, organic flair.

Each of the '60' textures featured in the book will come with the following hi-res images:
- Layered Photoshop File (Grayscale)
- Bitmap Tiff
- Photoshop Brush Derived from texture

Some of my art using a texture called 'Wooden it be great'.

Also included in the book is a chapter I wrote on 'Texture Exploring' it even shows one of my first texture pictures going all the way back to 1985.

Make sure to bookmark '' it'll have free downloadable texture samples, an additional secondary set for those who purchase the book and will of course allow you to peek inside the book before ordering it.

Preview the interior
I have now posted interior images of the book here.

Now available on

You can pre-order 'Crumble. Crackle. Burn - 120 Stunning Textures for Design and Illustration' now through (The release date is May, 2007) The book comes with a DVD containing over all the textures shown in the book and additional bonus textures. It's a no-brainer price for a book that will both inspire and facilitate your own creative growth.

Jumat, 07 Agustus 2015

Pet Monster 'Snilbog' - Final Color Rendering

2D Character Illustration

Final 3D Character Illustratration

The hardest part of this project was staying true to my initial illustration. Anyone who knows the tools can pull off 3D work. What is usually lacking in most is unique design and style. I wanted my segmented style to stay true to the original and just be translated truthfully into a 3D version.

The coloring was a bit tricky to pull off in a 3D environment, but I think the visual transliteration came out really good. We are now working on the characters rigging so we can animate him. Eventually we'll have a nice short featuring this character who I've named 'Snilbog'.

Character Detail 1

The eyes were critical on this. At first the translation from my initial illustration wasn't looking good in the 3D version. Losing the white helped push it in the right direction. Having each eye a different color captures the quality I had in my original illustration.

Character Detail 2

This view shows the lovely translucent drool which of course will be dripping in the animated version. Forked tongue and huge razor sharp teeth add to the overall effect.

As I stated in a previous post, my friend Bret St.Amour and I have started a new business venture we are calling 'Ornery Frog Productions'. We'll offer character development to ad agencies and creative firms. Bret is a very talented Maya guru and long time friend I've known since art school days. Our combined talents will produce the kind of work as shown in this post.

Minggu, 02 Agustus 2015

My art has gone down the 'Tubes'!

(Click Image for larger Preview)

Contrary to Senator Knob from Alaska it's not the internet that is made up of tubes but rather our minds. Stuffed full of memories and other garden variety nonsense ready to be expelled upon our beckon call. If you haven't heard about Senator Knob from Alaska and his definition of the 'Internet' then you have to check it out for yourself here.

This completes my series of '3' art prints. 'Memory Worm', 'Temporal Infestation' and now 'Tubes'. You can see all the art prints I now have available at ''.

This particular piece of artwork was a lot of fun to create. It was inspired last week as I sat at a restaraunt doodling on a napkin waiting for a friend to show up. I immediately knew I had to flesh it out and I am glad I did. It's one of my all time favorites and it will be in an art show in Russia which is cool too.

As with a lot of artwork I've been doing lately I documented my whole process and will be posting a tutorial for this project on ''.