Selasa, 15 Desember 2015

Caving to Frill.

Top: Back T-Shirt Design, Bottom: Front Center Chest - Click to View Larger Image.

The whole design trend to use oranate turn of the century frills and motifs in design isn't anything new. I told my friend 'Shane' who is a master at this style "I refuse to take part in this 'Frill' trend." We'll I've caved. And yes I admit it's fun.

A retired LAPD officer and former SWAT team member hired me to create this t-shirt design for his company. He sells products to police and SWAT members. Those Dover books collecting dusk on my library shelf are finally being put to good use.

The terms used in this design are buzz words popular with SWAT:
- Operator: High Level SWAT
- Tango: Bad Guy and or Terrorist

Detail of Design Textures.

It's hard to appreciate this design at such a small posting size so this image shows how cool the textures look at 100%.

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