Kamis, 03 Desember 2015

Paper Mate® Flair Pens Rule!

'My trusty tool.

I love my Paper Mate® Brand Red Flair Pen for doodling. I draw my art pretty quick and loose then go back in and beef up lines, add shading and detail until it comes to life. I never really give much thought to what I'll draw and today it turned out to be two freaky looking creatures. I've only drawn in actual sketch books a few times, I find it constricting. I prefer carrying around a small 4x6 notepad that I doodle and sketch on. I like being able to pull them out page by page and hang them up, cut them out etc.

This characters name is 'Giltoid'.

I've always wondered why I enjoy drawing wierd and ugly things more then pristine and beautiful things? Granted the former is easier I suppose but it does make me think. Why does 'Giltoid' look shocked? What are those things floating to the right of his head? Does he speak english? Is he a mutant or an alien life form? Is he actually a she? Ah the fun of doodling.

This art is titled 'Dead Ideas'.

In college I knew a fellow artist who refused to drink beer. It wasn't because of some moral high ground but rather one of inspiration. He didn't want to kill off brain cells. As he told me one day "If I drink I will kill off brain cells. One of those brain cells may be the idea that makes me a million dollars." I thought that was pretty creative of him actually. After I drew this art I was looking at it and asking myself "What does it mean?" Not that it has to mean anything but I was mainly trying to come up with a title for it so when I posted it here on my blog it would have a label. I decided upon 'Dead Ideas'.

Think about it. You'll never use all your ideas. The death rate is still one per person and one day when you pass from this horizontal hold more then likely there will be ideas you had that you never moved forward on, never shared with others and those will die with you.

So get busy! LOL

(I'll also be using these to create some brush texture painting tutorials with for IllustrationClass.com)

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